St. Mary Catholic Community School is fully accredited by the State of Indiana and follows the state and diocesan curriculum for all grade levels.  The school has been named an “Exemplary School” by the State of Indiana, received an “A” grade.

Use of modern technology is a “way of life” that provides teachers valuable tools to teach and students vehicles to master the curriculum.  St. Mary’s School was a pioneer in the implementation “one to one” device usage and is considered one of the leaders in technology throughout Northwest Indiana.  Students in grades 1-8 use their own personal Chromebooks on a daily basis to take notes, do online research, communicate with teachers, submit assignments, check their grades in real time, and a wide variety of other applications.  Elementary students use SmartBoards and other devices to enhance their learning.  St. Mary’s students, teachers, and parents are committed to the utilization of today’s technology in a responsible fashion.

St. Mary’s students are given the opportunity to participate in several programs that supplement the basic curriculum. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade are introduced to the self-paced Accelerated Reading and Accelerated Math programs. St. Mary’s also offers pre-algebra and algebra courses for our seventh and eighth grade students. An accelerated program exists for those students who need additional challenges in math and science. Students who participate in the accelerated program enter high school with Algebra I, Honors Geometry, and Honors Biology already completed.

St. Mary's students also participate in regular physical education, computer, music and art classes. The school also offers many extra-curricular activities that challenge students both physically and academically.

In addition to the state required subjects, St. Mary School offers a comprehensive religion program beginning with our preschool school classes. Sacrament preparation begins with Reconciliation in the second grade. Students in third grade prepare for the Eucharist, and the eighth graders prepare for Confirmation.

Teachers at St. Mary’s follow the state of Indiana academic standards.

Indiana Academic Standards   AdvancED Accredited   Indiana Department of Education Accredited